Strobe Photography


Who is Jonathan and why the name J1 Photography?
Taking photographs when digital cameras still had floppy drive disketts

Jonathan Wan (pronounced One) is a hobbyist photographer since high school and started taking photographs when digital cameras had floppy drives. His first camera was the Sony Mavica.

He has completed an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science double degree with honours at The University of Western Australia - with keen interest in image processing, computer vision, and strobist.

Since then; photography still continues to be one of his main hobbies and aims to use and experiment with artificial lighting to create unique images and scenes.

Lastly please keep in mind that there are multiple groups using the “j1 photography” branding. This web site is for the Perth photographer.

  • Composition

    Framing, levelling, and the rule of thirds

  • Strobist

    Using speedlites and gels for artificial light

  • Computer Vision

    Experience with pattern recognition, tonal range mapping, and other stuff

  • Random Skill

    Being random results in some creative and innovative things


It's really more of a one-man-show at the moment.
Jonathan Wan
Hobbyist Photographer
Hobbyist photographer who is keen on creating artificial scenes using artificial lighting.